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  • The Fast Lane

    In November of 2022 I was listening to a podcast and one of the hosts casually mentioned he was on his third day of a water-only fast. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but it came up again a week later on the same podcast.

  • Bootstrapping 101 - the Lows

    The road to success is long and arduous, there is little doubt that only the strongest (and luckiest) survive. Along the way you will experience amplified highs and lows, with the lows obviously more difficult to deal with.

  • Bootstrapping 101 - Diematic Behavior

    Some animals have a defense mechanism called Diematic Behavior. It is a natural defense meant to bluff a predator into believing something untrue about the creature in question.

  • Dog Potty Area v1

    Towards the end of the summer we were inspired by this DIY project and decided to take a swing at creating our own version.